SBA Loan Application Checklist

1. SBA Loan Application Application for Business Loan - SBA Form 4. This form should be completed by you, the business owner. Lenders Application for Guaranty or Participation - SBA Form 4i. This form should be completed by your lending institution. 2. Personal Background Statement of Personal History - SBA Form 912 3. Personal Financial Statement Personal Financial Statement - SBA form [...]

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A brief explanation of SBA Microloans

The Microloan program provides very small loans to start-up, newly established, or growing small business concerns. Nonprofit community based lenders make these SBA-backed loans to eligible borrowers, up to a maximum of $35,000. The average loan size is about $13,000. The maximum term allowed for a microloan is six years. Interest rates vary, depending upon the intermediary lender and costs [...]

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5 Things you should know about Accounts Receivable factoring

1. The Factor (the entity purchasing the debt) isn't interested in your ability to pay a debt. You are not under scrutiny -- the customer whose invoice you are selling is the subject of that investigation. To look at things from the Factor's side, would you knowingly pay to buy a debt which you knew the debtor could not pay [...]

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What to do if you won’t be able to file your taxes on time.

With Diane Kennedy, CPA, Author of Smart Business, Stupid Business It's almost April. Raise your hand if you've filed your taxes. Anyone who raised their hand, you get a gold star, two if you estimated and paid throughout the year. Everyone else, read on. At this point, you're probably tempted to load those receipts and log books into a wheel-barrow and tote [...]

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Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

If you’re creative, you might need all three sooner or later. Patents protect inventions, like a new kind of beer tap or laser. Trademarks protect brands, so people won’t be able to counterfeit your stuff. Copyrights protect intellectual property like songs or books. Patents. A patent for an invention gives the inventor a property right. According to the US Patent [...]

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