Why There’s No Perfect Solution for Cybersecurity

Across the globe, and in only the last couple of years, it has been reported that companies have spent more than $150 billion on information security. A fun analogy has been made: If the cost of what has been spent was transformed into a silver bullet, it would weigh just over 300 tons, given the current cost of silver. But [...]

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Why Tech Skills Are Vital for Small Business Marketers

If you wear the marketing hat for your small business, you know how daunting a task it can be. To really do the job well, you need to spend hours on it every month. More than that, you need a certain set of skills that, quite honestly, don’t come naturally to everyone. As such, many small business owners choose instead [...]

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Use This One Trick to Boost Productivity

It's not unusual for a small business owner to look for ways they can boost their productivity. In this way, the small business owner is no different than an employee in a large company. Everyone wants to boost their performance, whether it is for the success of their own company, a raise at work or accolades from an employer. If [...]

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3 Ways to Tell if Your Small Business Is Responsible for Employee Burnout

Small business employees usually understand that they may often be called upon to perform extra duties in order to help the company thrive. If you hired well, you hired your employees because they expressed the desire and dedication to make some sacrifices in order to see the business succeed. But, there is a fine line here between encouraging a dedicated [...]

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Can Your Small Business Adapt to Higher Minimum Wages?

The talks of increasing the minimum wage has been floating around the country for a few years now. Those workers making minimum wage and their supporters would like to see it increase to $15 an hour, and this has many small business owners feeling frustrated. How, as an entrepreneur, can you afford to pay such wages? The truth of the [...]

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