Is Cyber Liability Insurance Worth It?

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A report was released earlier in 2017 that said of businesses that are breached due to cyber attacks, more than three-quarters employ under 100 people. Once a customer's record is compromised, it costs an average of $141 to notify, settle and otherwise handle the breach. Consider that this is a per customer cost, not a per [...]

Best Practices for Cyber Security

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If you run a small business, cyber security is more important than you may realize. You need to protect both your company and your customers. Without the right measures in place, you are at risk, and so are the people that purchase your goods or services. Here is a brief outline of today's best practices for [...]

Why Your IT Department Should NOT Be Your Cybersecurity Solution

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In the burgeoning days of technology, an efficient IT department was often enough to thwart cyber security issues. Today, an IT department simply isn't enough. An IT department and a Cybersecurity department should be thought of as two separate entities. Depend on Your IT Department for Daily Operations When you have an IT department, or even [...]

7 Cost-Effective Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, you have a lot to worry about. Profits are slim (if they exist at all), paperwork has to be filed for employees, vendors are a hassle, clients are ever-demanding… the list goes on and on. The last thing you want to worry about is a cyber attack. And for many small [...]

Small Business Sites are Often Attacked – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

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A recent report from SiteLock indicates that 99 percent of websites that are hacked belong to small businesses, nonprofits and blogs. There is an attack discovered 22 times each day on average. We often don't hear about these attacks because they aren't high profile. It doesn't mean they aren't happening. As a small business owner with [...]

5 Tips for Creating Effective Passwords

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Type "123456" into someone's password bar and you just may get in. Why? Because plenty of people still use that password for a variety of websites. It's easy to remember, after all. Thankfully, while you could get into someone's account with that ill-created password, it won't be the majority of accounts. People today have been trained to [...]

You May Be At a Greater Risk for Hacking Than You Thought

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You own a small company, perhaps barely making enough to cover expenses. No hacker would be interested in you. Are you willing to take the risk that what you think is true? It's not a good idea. According to a CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business survey, small business owners aren't doing enough when it comes to cyber security. [...]

Should You Move Your Business to the Cloud?

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You sell tangible goods. You haven't fully embraced the digital age, but you have heard multiple times what a good idea it would be to move your business to the cloud. You're wondering if you should make the leap. The short answer is "yes." Here is the longer answer. Even if you only sell tangible goods [...]

Why There’s No Perfect Solution for Cybersecurity

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Across the globe, and in only the last couple of years, it has been reported that companies have spent more than $150 billion on information security. A fun analogy has been made: If the cost of what has been spent was transformed into a silver bullet, it would weigh just over 300 tons, given the current [...]

Can Cloud Computing Protect You From Ransomware

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Every small business owner needs to be aware of ransomware attacks. They are occurring more frequently than ever, and small businesses are targeted more often than large conglomerates. The reason that small businesses are prey to these criminals is that they are often more vulnerable, lacking the same security measures that larger companies have in place. [...]