Your Small Business Summer To-Do List

It's not unusual for a small business to be a bit slower during the summer months than during the rest of the year. What is unusual is for small business owners to take advantage of this downtime appropriately. Instead of considering this your own personal vacation, use the reduction in business to run a sort of company update. Here are [...]

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How to Optimize Your Instagram Marketing

Have you heard of Gen Z? They are the youngest of your audience, born after 1995. They are the first generation that was born in a world with internet. The first iPhone came out when the oldest in this generation was just 12, and they use smartphones like no other group. They are completely immersed in the digital world, and [...]

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What to Look for in an HR Manager

At some point, you will take your small business from employing one person --- yourself --- to needing several employees. When your business starts to grow, you may find that you need outstanding employees by your side who share your vision and goals. When this happens, you may also want to consider hiring an HR manager. Here are five things [...]

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Do You Know About These New Facebook Marketing Features?

If you use Facebook as a way to market your small business, you should be using it with best practices. There are a variety of features the social media giant offers that can help attract and maintain customers and clients. Here are a few new features that you should start using today, if you haven’t already: Video Cover Not everyone [...]

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How to Stay Productive This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and you may feel like taking a much-needed break. While there is certainly nothing wrong with recharging your batteries, your competition may not be resting on their laurels. While you can adjust your attitude during the summer, it doesn't mean that you should forget about your small business completely. Here are five ways you can [...]

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