Payroll Processing

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Insider on: Payroll Processing
10 steps to starting your own business

Running a business doesn't stop until the business stops. You can start a company faster and easier in the United States than almost anywhere in the world, but getting it right takes a plan. You'll need to consider whether you need a business loan, temporary or permanent staffing, whether you're going to use a public relations company to get word out about who you are, business insurances, data backup, where are your customers coming from? Will you need to contract with a lead generation service? And this is just the very tip of the iceberg.

What to do if you won't be able to file your taxes on time.

It's April 8th. Raise your hand if you've filed your taxes. Anyone who raised their hand, you get a gold star, two if you estimated and paid throughout the year. Everyone else, read on.

HR outsourcing

What do you really need to know about HR companies? In the words of Will Robinson, a small business counselor for SCORE in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. "They will protect you legally, but not emotionally." - Made for Business "Made for Business" video.

Tax credit service - Why the WOTC is nothing to do with your tax preparer

The WOTC tax credit can save you up to $9000 per year for each qualified new hire you make. So why aren't you taking advantage of it? Here's a few things to consider when you decide whether you want to manage it internally or outsource it.

Payroll processing basics

How do you process payroll for your employees? Almost nothing will sink the morale of your employees faster than screwing up their paychecks. People on tight budgets at home usually can't afford a one or two-week disruption in pay. Here's how the process works.

Buying Guide: Payroll Processing

We think that only a violent catastrophe could damage employee morale and job satisfaction faster than a payroll problem. A substantial portion of the workforce lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Disrupt a pay cycle for more than a week, in the wrong week and many people would lose their home. No pressure, boss.

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