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    May 5, 2012

    “Come join Our happy family today, WELCOME!!!”
    New business Promotional / Start-up Kit Special Being a small business, we know how hard it is getting started. That is why we offer this One time start-up offer to all new customers. What do we gain by doing this at rock bottom prices? You, a new customer, soon to be a repeat customer after we work with you to give a Brand awareness that your customers and prospective customers will be able to recognize and associate the work you do with your logo. How do we do this? By working with you to give just what you are looking for at a reasonable price. We know that you will be back after we help you grow, by enabling you to get you brand recognition at a more than affordable price. We in essence become your silent partners as we help you grow your brand recognition. We are there for you! IF IT IS PRINTED WE DO IT, JUST ASK! Always glad to assist you finding your needs! What you will get: Basic Kit: 1 pair One color Magnetic Signs 4 T-shirts 1color/1side (sizes s-xl) (2xl add $3 ea.) 1000 Business cards Package Cost: $ 130.00 plus shipping/handling Free Pick-up Add-ons: 2 Lawn signs 1/color 2/sides Add: $ 36.00 2 Hats 1/color $ 20.00 Add any Promotional/customer give a ways Take 20% of each Visit us at www.just1please.com for all our promotional items or call for information on any of our service at 603-439-2050 0r 1-866-907-8673
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