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There are plenty of marketplace platforms out there, but we’re a little different. Our core partner values are:


We believe that a platform should make selecting a particular product easier, not more complicated. To that end, we’re selective. We look for partners with unique offerings, strong brands, and quantifiable customer satisfaction metrics.

Real-Time Integration

Our Real-Time Dashboard is a unique and highly compelling part of our platform.
We’re interested in adding partners who value real-time or near-real-time data integrations and are willing to go the extra mile. It’ll take a little more work than providing us with a simple link, but it’ll be worth it. The Live Tile Library can greatly reduce your front-end investment.

Recurring Revenue Share

We’re big believers in shared success. If your products or services are powered by recurring fees, we expect the revenue share to be available on a recurring basis to our partners as well. One-time purchases still warrant a one-time bounty, of course.

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