How Facebook’s New Changes Affect Small Business

Late in 2017, Facebook tested a new algorithm in a few international markets that focused on posts from family, friends and real people in favor of posts from publishers and businesses. This “people over pages” change caused a lot of worry at the time, as those who use social media for marketing purposes suddenly found themselves unable to reach their [...]

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Don’t Ignore These Top 2018 Small Business Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing is important to your small business. If you aren't already taking advantage of the strategy, you can bet your competition is --- and they will draw more attention. That said, there is a there is a fine balance between putting enough information out there and showering your customers and clients with so much information that they get tired [...]

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Looking to Start a New Business This Year? Follow These Tips

You've been sitting on that idea one idea you've had for years. You're pretty sure that you have something to offer people, but you don't know if it makes fiscal sense to take the leap and start your own business. Here's what we say: You won't know until you try. This year is a great year to take that idea [...]

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How to Ensure Your Small Business Workforce Is Diverse

As a small business owner, you have the unique opportunity to diversify your workforce from the very beginning. Of course, there’s been a big push for hiring people from all demographics in the past couple of decades. But having a diverse workforce is about so much more than that. It pushes innovation by introducing new ideas from all walks of [...]

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Why 2018 is the Year for Entrepreneurs

Every new year brings about optimism for a brighter future. Even the staunchest pessimist can’t help but to feel inspired as a potentially better tomorrow shows itself as the yesteryear fades in the rearview mirror. 2018 is definitely a year to look forward to. Small business trends show greater success across the board, with some worries and rumors being mitigated. [...]

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