As a small business owner, you are consistently looking for ways to streamline your workload. You have a business to run. Employee recruitment, hiring and retention are necessary tasks, but they take away from the time you could spend making money. Could automated human resources be the answer?

The question was posed to an expert on the subject at USA Today. His answer, in essence, was as follows.

Computers can do things faster than a human can, but they can’t read emotions or base decisions on emotional factors. Artificial intelligence can do some things really well, but it also does some things poorly. Before adopting a fully-automated HR system, a small business owner should do some experimenting to see just how well it meets their needs.

A computer can search and scan resumes with ease. Once a human operator inputs the criteria, a computer can pull resumes and send them to a human resource manager for consideration. This is, of course, if the criteria inputted is accurate and useful. Employee retention can be aided by allowing a computer to scan emails for keywords that may indicate a worker is on the verge of leaving.

There are programs that can monitor an employee’s time spent on-task, and there are programs that can redirect workers to their job duties if the need arises. These things are fairly easy to put in place, but employees should be alerted to their presence and asked to sign an acknowledgement of that fact.

Is an HR department fully run by computers right for your small business? The answer isn’t so cut and dry. Reach out to our expert team and let us help you make the decision. You may not be ready or willing to adopt artificial intelligence in its full capacity, but we can help you determine what programs are right for your business’s needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation.