A ransomware attack at the end of June affected more than 60 percent of the systems in Ukraine, more than any other country hit, according to Kapersky Labs. The attack reached far and wide in the country, including its airport, central bank, Chernobyl power plant and metro transport.

While money seems to be the root cause of the attack, some are wondering about the implications if money wasn’t the point. Some are curious as to whether the attack was intended to inflict damage upon the country itself. If so, experts say, it would be the first time that a country was attacked using ransomware.

The Peyta virus was a destructive one. Researchers are investigating whether or not there were non-monetary motives involved. It is being considered that the attack was a nation state one disguised as ransomware. Initial attacks were limited, with the focus being on accounting software and news outlets. All evidence at this point is circumstantial.

Peyta could have far-reaching implications in that other countries may be vulnerable to similar attacks. For now, experts are keeping an eye out and continuing to study this latest attack, considered to be one of the most serious.

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