People who start their own small businesses face immense challenges every day. Running a company, whether it’s a company of one or 100, can be overwhelming. Knowing where to focus your energy can be difficult. It’s no surprise to many that small businesses often fail within their first five years of operations. When start-up owners know the challenges that others have routinely faced, they can better prepare themselves for success.

According to experts, there are four concerns that small business owners should consider priorities: rising interest rates, changes to healthcare regulations, federal regulations and regional economic health.

When interest rates rise, everyone is affected. Rising interest rates can make it difficult for small business owners to secure loans, reducing the operating capital an owner has to work with. Experts suggest that small business owners should shop around for the best rates and understand exactly what they are taking on as far as monthly payments are concerned.

Owners of small businesses who hire employees have said that healthcare rules are a primary concern. Having to foot the ever-changing bill for employee health insurance can make it difficult to come up with an operating budget. Healthcare often goes hand in hand with federal regulations. The new administration has made it hard to predict what changes are coming and have limited the small business owner’s ability to be flexible in planning.

Finally, an owner must concern themselves with the health of the local economy. If people aren’t spending money on a good or service being offered, a business can’t hope to keep its doors open for long. Owners of small businesses must be able to work within their communities, offering what the people need.

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