If you use Facebook as a way to market your small business, you should be using it with best practices. There are a variety of features the social media giant offers that can help attract and maintain customers and clients. Here are a few new features that you should start using today, if you haven’t already:

Video Cover

Not everyone knows that a Facebook cover can be dynamic. Most people upload a photo or logo and believe their Facebook cover is complete. Not so. Now Facebook offers the ability for small businesses to use a video as a cover. This can be a great way to make an announcement, launch a new product or even share a bit about your company.


Business Services

If you offer unique services, you should be highlighting them. Create thumbnails and brief descriptions of the services you offer. Including a link to your website’s landing page can be even more beneficial.


Client Reviews

This isn’t a new offering, but it is fairly underused. Encourage your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page. You can do this by offering incentives or discounts for positive reviews.


Tag Products

While you’re at it, offer incentives for your customers to take photos of themselves using your product. Take those pictures, tag your products and add a description. This is an easy way to show people what you have to offer.


If you would like more information for marketing your small business, be sure to reach out to our team. We have a variety of products that can take some of the work off of your shoulders and allow you to concentrate on making your company a successful one.