At some point, you will take your small business from employing one person — yourself — to needing several employees. When your business starts to grow, you may find that you need outstanding employees by your side who share your vision and goals. When this happens, you may also want to consider hiring an HR manager. Here are five things to look for in a great HR director for your small business, whether they work onsite or remotely.


1. Knowledge of HR

HR can be a complex beast. Your manager should understand the industry as it is today and the direction it will be taking in the future. The person you hire should have in-depth knowledge of not only hiring practices, but insurance, compliance, payroll and benefits.


2. Passion

You started your small business because you have a passion for something. You should surround yourself with people that have a similar mindset. You HR manager should be passionate about the industry and your vision for your company — as well as their own role.


3. Technological Capabilities

In years past, an HR department operated with pen and paper, not laptops and mobile devices. The person you hire should have more than a working knowledge of HR technology. They should be experts with the latest software and online practices.


4. A Belief In Your Organization

An HR manager will be a teammate. As such, they should share a belief in your company’s mission and core values. You will rely on your HR manager to “sell” your company as they look for exceptional employees.


5. Support

Look for someone who can act as a role model and guide while offering support to you and your employees. You will want an HR director who can offer constructive criticism when necessary and praise when earned.


If you are looking for assistance in the hiring of great employees, reach out to our team. We have the software and expertise you need to effectively build your team from the ground up.