Where do you work when you are running your business? If you are like some, you work from a home office. If you have employees, you may work in a larger, open space. While you may believe that you are being productive, if you are inundated with visual noise, you could be more distracted than you think.

While many people believe traditional noise to be a distraction, what is happening around you can be even more distracting. Visual noise may come by way of other employees moving near you and through the office, clients and customers coming and going, or even bright walls and busy decor.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by your environment and think you could be more productive, there are a few changes you can make to reduce the visual noise you encounter. Consider adding a mobile wall to around your desk, turn your desk to face the wall, paint the walls a subtle color or put a few plants on your desk that will block your view.

Even if you think that you are being as productive as you can be, chances are that distractions are causing you to lose focus more often than you think. Make a few of the changes above and see if your productivity changes. You may be surprised.
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