Your presence on social media can make or break your business. Without a strong social media presence, it can be difficult to compete with similar local businesses. With the wrong social media presence, you are hurting yourself just as badly.

When it comes to social media, SEO must be considered. In fact, search engine optimization can help improve your social media presence and, likewise, the right social media campaign can boost your search rankings. Here are a few ways to get your SEO and social media working together.


What Are People Saying?

You can spend all day updating your social media presence, and you can spend all day wasting your time. If you don’t know what people are saying, you can’t hope to meet needs and concerns. You can boost your social media presence by targeting your audience by using the right words at the right time.


How Well Are Your Competitors Doing?

If you want to stay a step ahead of the competition, you need to know how the competition is doing. When you research which posts are yielding the best results for your competitors, you have a better understanding of how to draw more attention to your own company, and can therefore get your SEO and social media working together.


Know the Trends

Before you develop your social media campaign, understand the trends. There are a variety of channels available to small business owners who want to research what is working right now. Google Trends for Websites and Wonder Wheel are both effective tools that can help you identify what people are looking at and what you can use to draw attention to your services or products.


Marketing is not always as easy as it seems. At times, it can seem like getting your SEO and social media working together is an impossible task. The good news, though, is that once you know what you’re doing, you can marry these marketing efforts easily. If you would like to develop the best marketing campaign for your business, reach out to our team. We have a deep understanding of local SEO and can help you use it to your advantage.