If you think owning your own small business would make you happy, you may be right. That, however, is not what optimism in this case means. When we talk about SMB optimism, we are essentially talking about growth in hiring. As it stands today, optimism is high.

There was a decline in SMB optimism in 2015 that no one quite understands. Since then, it has grown. Optimism has not only reversed the downward trend, but surpassed it. Hiring within small businesses has steadily increased and, while some credit the election of President Donald Trump, data shows that there has been no spike, but a slow and steady growth since the end of the recession.

Why the rise in SMB optimism? Because since the recession ended, the economy has been healing. Economic conditions in America are better than they have been in years, and that is translating to growth in the small business sector. Historically, the majority of small businesses fail within five years. In today’s economy, this trend may falter in a good way. If you have thought of turning your idea into a company and working for yourself, now may be the time.

Running a small business on your own will only be feasible for so long. Eventually, you will need assistance if you hope to be able to concentrate on running your company in a way that ensures its growth. Reach out to our team to discover ways we can help you. Our suite of services will allow you to concentrate on what really matters: increasing your bottom line.