Could Uber for Business Help Your SMB?

Uber for Business

As a small business owner, you may be looking for ways that you can offer benefits to your employees that will make your company attractive to new recruits. One of these benefits may be Uber for business. Offering transportation options to the people who work for you and with you may draw more people to your company than you expect.

Uber recently updated its platform, expanding its services to give small business owners more control over what they are spending. Owners can also more specifically define how their workers can utilize Uber’s services. The latest update is a positive one for any business owner.

Now, owners of companies sign up for their account and choose settings once. It’s a sort of set-it-and-forget it type of offering. Owners can utilize various templates, dictating when and how often their employees can use Uber, how much money can be spent, and under what circumstances the ride-sharing app can be used.

Instead of having to set up restrictions for each employee, small business owners now have the option of using group templates. For example, a small business owner can set a limit of $30 a week for a group of four employees. They can set up a template to be used by employees who telecommute daily. The options are vast and should be excellent for any small business owner who wants to offer this benefit to their employees.

If you would like more ideas for increasing employee engagement and making your job easier, reach out to our team. We have a suite of services that can help you be a more successful small business owner.

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