In the “old” days, a human resources department was staffed with multiple people, each assigned a different duty. As methods changed, HR duties were given to only a few and things were streamlined. Today, as we continue to progress, technology is being utilized more often and to great benefit. If you haven’t farmed out your HR duties, you may soon be wondering why.


The Owner

As the owner of the company, you have more to do than spend hours in front of a computer posting openings to job boards, keeping track of what your employees are doing, and running metrics. The right HR tool can post your openings to hundreds of sites at once and perform other vital tasks, freeing up your time exponentially.



Many companies have wellness programs for their employees. Whether you are a company of 1 or 100, offering your employees health and wellness tech, including the ability to visit a doctor virtually, can be a great recruitment tool.


Millennials — and Younger

The Millennial generation is the first to have been born in an age where cell phones weren’t invented in one form or another. Moreover, Gen Z, who are nearing working ages, have never known a world without the internet. As such, they have been inundated with tech since before they were crawling. When you develop your talent using online training and engagement, you are better able to tap into a large workforce.

If you would like more information about HR tech and how it can benefit your small business, reach out to our team. We will demonstrate our software and show you how it can be used to your advantage.