Why Tech Skills Are Vital for Small Business Marketers

Technology for Marketers

If you wear the marketing hat for your small business, you know how daunting a task it can be. To really do the job well, you need to spend hours on it every month. More than that, you need a certain set of skills that, quite honestly, don’t come naturally to everyone. As such, many small business owners choose instead to hire an intern, if not a full employee, to handle marketing instead.

Whether you do the job yourself or hire someone else to do it, it’s not just creative skills your marketing department needs. In today’s world, having tech skills is just as important. Without proper technology skills, your marketing efforts will be severely lacking. Many businesses, large and small, understand this fact. In 2018, it’s expected over $32 billion will be spent on marketing software.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have seen success in your marketing tactics without updating much technology, you may wonder why you would need to invest money in something that seems unnecessary. Perhaps most importantly, a lack of new technology in your marketing department will catch up with you sooner or later, and that could have a drastic impact on your success.


Here are a few other reasons why your marketing team needs to be inundated with new technology:

1. Your Team of Small Business Marketers Will Thank You

If you don’t handle the marketing yourself, you may be unaware of just how many headaches your outdated technology is causing. By utilizing new technology, you can increase morale by making life easier for whoever handles your marketing by expediting processes and generally providing better tools for them to perform their job. And if you handle marketing yourself, you can save a great amount of time you can otherwise invest in important tasks.

2. Efficiency Will Skyrocket

As mentioned in the previous point, if your marketing technology is outdated, your team will be held up by it, and will them take longer to complete their tasks. Even cutting down a few seconds of lag time on tasks can save hundreds of hours over a year — and saving time means saving money. Moreover, when your team has access to new tech, such as greater databases, they can access more, and more relevant, audiences.

3. Stay On Top of Security

About 43 percent of all cyber attacks target small businesses. While you may keep good cyber security practices when it comes to customer databases, point-of-sale systems and other technology, not updating your marketing technology could be a weak link. A hacker could potentially come through a crack in that software security and access the rest of your system. Always include marketing tech in your security updates.

4. Make a Good Impression

If you are meeting with potential investors, or are a marketing company that meets with clients, you need to make a good impression. Having outdated hardware that takes forever to load, or old software that looks clunky, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. By using the best tools available, you can be sure that investors, clients and others will be more willing to part with their money in support of your business.

Tech Skills Are Just as Important

Having the best technology on the market won’t mean anything if your team can’t use it well. While big companies can invest in large teams that include website developers, data scientists and other members, your small business probably can’t. But that’s okay!

The most important person you can have on your marketing team right now is one who either has the tech skills already to work with top-notch technology, or can quickly learn.

New computers are generally easy to get used to, as long as it’s a familiar operating system. But if you are getting ready to invest in new software, take your time and choose wisely. Consult with your current marketing team or employee, and see what they recommend.

As you search for new technology, sit down with your small business marketers and ponder these questions:

● How do our current systems work together, and how can we improve that?
● In what ways do we gather and analyze data on customer behavior?
● Can we better optimize and automate our cycles and sales funnels?
● How is return on investment shown on our marketing efforts?

These questions should be answered, and suggestions for improvement should be given, before you invest in any new technology.

Finding Tech-Minded Marketing Employees

While you may currently handle marketing yourself, there will come a time when you need to hire at least one employee to take over that department. If your current budget only allows for one hire at this time, the ideal employee should be able to incorporate the newest marketing technology into at least a couple of these roles:

1. A Content Writer

If you’ve ever read any articles about digital marketing, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the cliche “content is king.” According to new reports, this is truer than ever before, as quality content is directly or indirectly linked to most of the top ranking factors for search engines like Google. Find a writer who can research well, write well, cover a lot of different types of content and, most of all, knows how to help you rank on search engines.

2. A Social Media Guru

Social media should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy; after all, about 70 percent of all Americans use social media, and that number will likely rise. Yet, using Facebook, Twitter and other sites well takes some finesse and expertise. Luckily, social media can often be handled by an intern, as young people are on these sites more than any demographic. Of course, you can also hire a full-time employee if the need is there.

3. A Digital Marketing Assistant

Depending on the size of your team and the amount of time and money you invest in marketing, your current employees may have no time to do smaller, more mundane tasks like scheduling posts. A digital marketing assistant can perform these tasks on your team’s behalf to keep the machine well-oiled. Because these tasks are rather routine and often come down to administrative work, this is another position an intern could fill well.

There are, of course, other important roles that must be filled in time as well,such as a video production professional. But for many small businesses, having these members of the team are not as vital as the ones above.

Consider’s Marketing Solutions

As you consider different marketing software, consider your greatest needs.’s software suite offers a wide array of solutions for small business marketers, such as local search optimization, directory listings and email marketing. Contact us today to learn how these solutions work hand-in-hand with the rest of our software suite to help your business thrive, or start your free trial of our premium package today.

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