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Why There’s No Perfect Solution for Cybersecurity

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Across the globe, and in only the last couple of years, it has been reported that companies have spent more than $150 billion on information security. A fun analogy has been made: If the cost of what has been spent was transformed into a silver bullet, it would weigh just over 300 tons, given the current cost of silver. But why so much spending?


Deciding What to Protect

Very few, if any, people understand the exact processes of a computer. Some people understand what happens with a few layers, and others understand what occurs in a few more. But few business owners what happens inside of a computer in its entirety. It is therefore difficult to know exactly how to protect every layer with one product. It’s also difficult to protect every layer with separate products.


Knowing the Threats

The other reason that companies spend so much on information security is that the threats are constantly changing. It seems that as soon as one vulnerability is protected, another crops up. This can make it tough for a single solution to be the right one. Because hackers are sophisticated and criminals will persist, multiple protections will be necessary into the foreseeable future.

If you would like more information about small business cyber security resources, reach out to our experienced team. We understand how valuable your information is, and we know its vulnerabilities. We can help you put together a package of software solution that will help you not only protect your business, but run it more efficiently.

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