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Why Your IT Department Should NOT Be Your Cybersecurity Solution


In the burgeoning days of technology, an efficient IT department was often enough to thwart cyber security issues. Today, an IT department simply isn’t enough. An IT department and a Cybersecurity department should be thought of as two separate entities.

Depend on Your IT Department for Daily Operations

When you have an IT department, or even a single IT professional working for you, allow them to concentrate on operating your system and optimizing its use. It’s a bit oversimplified, but your IT professional should be in charge of making sure your business has uptime. If they are doing their job efficiently and appropriately, this should be all they have time to do.


Depend on Your Cyber Security Department to Prevent Disaster

Unlike an IT professional, a cyber security professional doesn’t concentrate on daily operations. Instead, they look for holes in your system that leave you vulnerable. A cyber security professional will not only seek out potential threats, but know how to prevent them. Think of this person as being proactive rather than reactive, and protecting both your business and your customers.


You Need Both Departments

If you have an online presence, you need both of these departments to keep things running smoothly and safely. While they can certainly work together in a sort of checks and balances relationship, they have very different roles to play in your small business. If you are relying on your IT person to provide security, it’s time to bring someone else aboard.

Sometimes the best solution is to have an in-house professional working on cyber security while outsourcing your IT needs. Call our team today to discover the solutions that will be right for your unique business structure. We are here to help ensure your continued growth.

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