If you run a small business, cyber security is more important than you may realize. You need to protect both your company and your customers. Without the right measures in place, you are at risk, and so are the people that purchase your goods or services. Here is a brief outline of today’s best practices for cyber security, according to the Center for Internet Security.

CIS Controls

CIS Controls are a set of actions that allow you to quickly protect your organization. The five foundations of CIS controls are as follows:

1. “Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices”: Only devices you authorize are given access to your network. Unauthorized devices are discovered and blocked.

2. “Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Software”: Only software you authorize is installed and utilized on your network. Software you haven’t authorized is discovered and blocked.

3. “Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software”: Security configurations of servers and other devices is utilized. Attacks that exploit vulnerabilities are prevented.

4. “Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation”: New information is constantly inspected in such a way to minimize attacks.

5. “Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges”: Administrative privileges are tracked and corrected to protect networks.

CIS Benchmarks

These are guidelines that will enable a business owner or cyber security employee to safeguard a network. Those that are most vulnerable to attacks are protected. These benchmarks are constantly updated and verified by volunteers within the IT community.

If you need assistance with your network, its setup or security, including conforming to cyber security best practices, reach out to our team. We know how to protect you from vulnerabilities. Our experienced team is able to offer you assistance in a wide variety of network applications, making your job an easier and more effective one.