It feels unbelievable: The year’s fourth quarter is nearly over. Christmas is just a few short weeks away and after that, the New Year. Where did time go? The end of the year is coming, and you may be trying to determine if you’ve met all the goals you set for 2017. There are officially two months, though a bit less, remaining in the year. Now is the perfect time to revisit the goals you set and decide how much progress you made toward them.

You’ve had a great year. Some parts of it were a bit bumpy, but you’ve made it through. If there are a couple of goals that you didn’t meet, you have time. Instead of wasting your energy worrying about the reasons you didn’t meet the goals right now, focus that energy on doing everything you can to make more progress toward them or meet them altogether.

As the leader of your business, your team will be looking to you for instruction and motivation. Here are five steps that you can take to achieve this year’s goals and push through to the new year.

1. Meet With Your Team

We’ve just gone through daylight saving time, and your team may be feeling a bit down. It’s a normal human reaction to the change in the clocks. We all feel sluggish when our clocks fall back. Give your team a boost! Think of a few good ideas that will help you meet your goals. Better yet, get your team engaged and motivated again by asking them to brainstorm for ideas. Doing so will certainly help them shake off the cobwebs they are feeling inside their heads — and yours, too!

Not only will brainstorming excite your team, but the mere act of getting them involved in the decision-making process will light a fire. Remember that when you are giving your employees this responsibility, you should ask all members of your team to be involved, not just certain departments. You may also have to provide resources in order for them to be successful.

2. Prioritize

Let’s say that you and your employees come up with a handful of goals that you would like to push towards in the time you have left of this year. Don’t make the mistake of trying to meet each. Instead, prioritize two and focus your efforts. Look for the goals that will contribute the most to the success of your business. Once you’ve decided on what those goals are, come up with an action plan.

Keep in mind that not working toward the goals you didn’t consider a priority doesn’t mean you need to scrap them altogether. Revamp and revisit them next year. If you think they are still important, you can look at why they weren’t met this year, restructure your action plan for those goals and focus on them in 2018.

3. Knock Down the Obstacles

Why didn’t you previously meet those two goals you have just decided are a priority? Figure it out and then knock the obstacles out of your way. Streamline your efforts and those of your team to provide the most effective results in the fastest way possible. You don’t have time to mess about. Remember, though, that your employees will only be productive if you give them the appropriate resources.

What do you need to do to get those two goals met and behind you? You may need to hire a few extra people through the end of the year, or you may need to take a bit extra from your budget. Determine what you and your employees will need to meet the goals and, provide it to help them push through to the new year.

4. Adjust Responsibilities as Necessary

You’ve already delegated responsibilities to your employees, but you may want to give employees different responsibilities or adjust what your employees already do. Being a good leader isn’t about telling people what to do and micromanaging. It’s about knowing what your employees are capable of, what their interests are and how they can help your business grow.

Your goal right now is to end the year strong, no matter how you’ve prioritized. If you need to adjust the work some of your employees are responsible for, do it. You may just find that you want to carry the adjustments into the new year.

5. Action: Make it a Focus

The first tips we’ve given you are about how to plan, but you can’t spend all of your time coming up with ideas, giving yourself no time leftover to make them happen. Don’t waste so much time with the first four strategies that you are looking at a couple of weeks left in the year. Instead, make it a goal to get your planning done in a week or less, and give yourself and your team the rest of the year to put that plan into action.

Time is running out. It doesn’t matter how you’ve spent your year, your focus is now on what is left. You can certainly end 2017 on a high note if you make an effort to do so. Instead of getting bogged down by the goals you didn’t meet or the things you didn’t achieve, turn your eye toward the things you can still get done and push through the rest of the year.

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