How To Series: Website Create Pages and Navigation

Website: Creating Pages and Navigation

Welcome to the Company.com How To Series. In this blog, we are going to go over how to navigate and add new pages to your Website. Pages are an integral part of your website, they are the skeletal structure for the content on your website. If you need help Activating your website you can contact customer support here.

      1. From your Company.com Dashboard, click Manage Website on your Website Tile.

      2. Click, Edit Site.

      3. From the Website Editor select Pages in the top menu to add or manage pages.

      4. Click Pages + on the left to add a new page.

      5. Select the type of page you want to add. There are several options to choose from. Standard Page is the one you’ll likely use the most often.

      6. Once you have selected a type of page, you are able to edit the name of the page. You will also be able to change the Header, Visibility and SEO Setting.

      7. You can rearrange the pages in any order you would like. You are also able to create subpages by clicking and dragging a page under another one.
        Here we moved Contact under About. Now Contact will appear in the top menu when your mouse goes over the About tab.

      8. If you want to edit a page you have been working on just click on the page in the Pages tab and it will load automatically.


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