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2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar

Over the last several years there has been a growing trend of Internet Holidays. The rise of social media has shined a light on some lesser-known holidays in addition to new ones that are added every year. Depending on your business and marketing strategy some of these new holidays can be used to highlight your company. Here are a few strategies for making the most of these holidays. Bookmark this page for a quick reference to over 100 traditional and social media holidays.

1. Local Connection

Here is an example of connecting with a small business in your area. October 4th is National Taco Day. Get some breakfast tacos for your staff and take a quick picture of your staff enjoying the tacos. Make a quick post on social media tagging the local taco place and something about how tacos always make the day better. The restaurant is likely to like or share the post which will provide a small boost to your social media for the day. In addition, your staff will always enjoy some tacos in the morning.

2. Industry Days

Another way to make the most of these Social Media Holidays is to find a way to have it relate back to your industry. June 21st is World Music Day, now of course if your business is related to the music industry this could be used as a way to announce a sale or other promotion. Although we encourage you to think outside of the box, almost any industry can be applicable to most Social Media Holidays. 

3. Staff Highlights

Highlighting your staff is always a great way to boost morale and show a look inside your company. One example is National Accounting Day on November 10th. Take a moment to highlight your accounting staff and some of their recent accomplishments.

4. Weekly Days to Watch

For almost every day of the week, there are several hashtags that can be used to help improve the visibility of your postings.








1st          New Year’s Day

2nd        Science Fiction Day

4th         National Trivia Day

5th         National Bird Day

13th       National Sticker Day

14th       Clean Off Your Desk Day

15th       National Hat Day

20th       Cheese Lovers Day

21st        Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

23rd       National Pie Day

24th       National Compliment Day

25th       Opposite Day

28th       Data Privacy Day



2nd        Groundhog Day

2nd        World Wetlands Day

3rd         Super Bowl LIII

4th         World Cancer Day

5th         Chinese New Year

5th         Safer Internet Day

5th         National Weatherperson’s Day

7th         National Send a Card to a Friend Day

8th         National Boy Scouts Day

9th         National Pizza Day

11th       Inventors Day

13th       World Radio Day

14th       Valentine’s Day

17th       Random Acts of Kindness Day

18th       National Battery Day

18th       Presidents Day

20th       World Day of Social Justice

20th       Love Your Pet Day

21st        International Mother Language Day


1st          National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

1st          National Employee Appreciation Day

2nd        National Read Across America Day

3rd         World Wildlife Day

4th         National Grammar Day

5th         National Pancake Day

5th         Mardi Gras

6th         National Dentist’s Day

7th         National Be Heard Day

7th         National Cereal Day

8th         International Women’s Day

8th         National Proofreading Day

8th         National Day of Unplugging

10th       National Pack Your Lunch Day

10th       Daylight Savings

11th       National Worship of Tools Day

11th       National Napping Day

12th       National Girl Scout Day

14th       Popcorn Lover’s Day

14th       Potato Chip Day

14th       Pi Day

15th       World Consumer Rights Day

15th       World Sleep Day

16th       National Freedom of Information Day

17th       St. Patrick’s Day

18th       Awkward Moments Day

19th       National Let’s Laugh Day

20th       International Day of Happiness

20th       World Storytelling Day

20th       First Day of Spring

21st        World Poetry Day

22nd      World Water Day

23rd       National Puppy Day

25th       Tolkien Reading Day

26th       National Spinach Day

26th       Purple Day

26th        American Diabetes Association Alert Day

30th       Doctor’s Day

30th       Earth Hour Day

30th       National Take a Walk in the Park Day

31st        World Backup Day


1st          April Fools Day

2nd        World Autism Awareness Day

3rd         Find a Rainbow Day

3rd         National Walking Day

4th         Hug a Newsperson Day

7th         World Health Day

9th         Equal Pay Day

10th       National Siblings Day

10th       Encourage a Young Writer Day

11th       National Pet Day

12th       International Day of Human Space Flight

15th       National Tax Day

14th       National Stress Awareness Day

16th       National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

17th       Haiku Poetry Day

17th       National Columnists’ Day

18th       Get to Know Your Customers Day

18th       National High-Five Day

20th       National Look-Alike Day

22nd      Earth Day

23rd       National Picnic Day

23rd       World Book Day

24th       National Administrative Professionals Day

24th       Denim Day

25th       National Telephone Day

25th       National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

26th       Arbor Day

29th       International Dance Day

30th       National Honesty Day

30th       National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

30th       International Jazz Day


1st          May Day

1st          International Workers Day

2nd        World Password Day

3rd         World Press Freedom Day

3rd         Space Day

4th         Star Wars Day

4th         International Firefighters Day

5th         Cinco de Mayo

6th         National Nurses Day

7th         World Asthma Day

7th         Thank a Teacher Day

8th         National Receptionist Day

9th         Europe Day

12th       National Limerick Day

13th       Mother’s Day

15th       International Day of Families

16th       Love a Tree Day

17th       National Bike to Work Day

17th       Endangered Species Day

21st        National Memo Day

24th       National Scavenger Hunt Day

27th       Memorial Day

28th       Hamburger Day

29th       Paperclip Day

31st        World No-Tobacco Day

31st        Heat Awareness Day


1st          Global Day of Parents

1st          International Children’s Day

2nd        National Cancer Survivors Day

3rd         Leave The Office Early Day

5th         World Environment Day

6th         Higher Education Day

7th         National Donut Day

8th         World Oceans Day

8th         Best Friends Day

14th       World Blood Donor Day

14th       Flag Day

16th       Father’s Day

20th       World Refugee Day

21th       National Selfie Day

21st       World Music Day

21st        International Yoga Day

21th       First Day of Summer

21th       Take Your Dog to Work Day

27th       National Sunglasses Day

27th       National Handshake Day

30th       Social Media Day


1st          National Postal Worker Day

2nd        World UFO Day

4th         Independence Day

7th         World Chocolate Day

11th        Cheer Up the Lonely Day

12th       Malala Day

15th       Give Something Away Day

17th       World Emoji Day

18th       Nelson Mandela International Day

18th       Get to Know Your Customers Day

26th       Talk in an Elevator Day

30th       International Day of Friendship


1st          Respect for Parents Day

2nd        National Coloring Book Day

8th         International Cat Day

9th         National Book Lovers Day

10th       National Lazy Day

11th       National Sons and Daughters Day

12th       International Youth Day

12th       World Elephant Day

13th       International Lefthanders Day

15th       National Relaxation Day

16th       National Tell a Joke Day

19th       World Photo Day

19th       World Humanitarian Day

20th       National Lemonade Day

26th       National Dog Day

26th       National Women’s Equality Day


2nd        Labor Day

4th         National Wildlife Day

5th         International Day of Charity

6th         Read a Book Day

8th         International Literacy Day

8th         National Grandparents Day

11th       National Day of Service and Remembrance

12th       National Day of Encouragement

12th       National Video Games Day

13th       Stand Up To Cancer Day

19th       Talk Like a Pirate Day

21st        International Day of Peace

21st        Miniature Golf Day

22nd      Car-Free Day

22nd      Hobbit Day

23rd       First Day of Fall

27th       World Tourism Day

28th       World Rabies Day

28th       National Good Neighbor Day

30th       International Podcast Day


1st          International Day of Older Persons

1st          International Coffee Day

2nd        World Vegetarian Day

2nd        International Day of Nonviolence

3rd         National Techies Day

4th         World Animal Day

4th         National Taco Day

4th         World Smile Day

5th         World Teachers Day

7th         World Habitat Day

10th       World Mental Health Day

10th       World Sight Day

11th       International Day of the Girl

13th       National Train Your Brain Day

14th       National Dessert Day

15th       Global Handwashing Day

16th       World Food Day

16th       Bosses Day

17th       International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

17th       Get to Know Your Customers Day

20th       World Statistics Day

21st        Reptile Awareness Day

24th       United Nations Day

25th       Greasy Foods Day

30th       National Publicist Day

30th       Checklist Day

31st Halloween


1st          National Authors Day

1st          National Cook For Your Pets Day

3rd         National Sandwich Day

3rd         Daylight Saving Time Ends

4th         National Candy Day

8th         National Cappuccino Day

8th         Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM) Day

10th      National Accounting Day

11th       Veterans Day

13th       World Kindness Day

14th       World Diabetes Day

15th       Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

15th       America Recycles Day

16th       International Day for Tolerance

17th       International Students Day

19th       National Entrepreneurs Day

20th       Universal Children’s Day

21th       World Hello Day

26th       National Cake Day

28th       Thanksgiving Day

29th       National Day of Listening

29th       Electronic Greeting Card Day

30th       Computer Security Day

30th       Small Business Saturday


1st          World AIDS Day

2nd        Cyber Monday

3rd         International Day of Persons with Disabilities

4th         National Cookie Day

5th         World Soil Day

6th         Microwave Oven Day

8th         Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day

10th       Human Rights Day

10th       Nobel Prize Day

11th       International Mountain Day

13th       National Salesperson Day

21st        Crossword Puzzle Day

21st        First Day of Winter

22nd      First Night of Hanukkah

24th       Christmas Eve

25th       Christmas

26th       Start of Kwanzaa

30th       Last Night of Hanukkah

30th       No Interruptions Day – Last Work Day of the Year

31st        New Year’s Eve

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