Customer Experience (CX)

Conversational UI: Whatever you do, don’t call it a chatbot.

Imagine being able to upsell a customer just by having them click “yes.”

Imagine provisioning a complex product for SSO by simply asking, “Hey, is this information right?”

These things are not only possible but preferable, and they’re available through the Dashboard via our Conversational UI.

This brilliant little feature can be layered onto any of our live tiles to provide a rich, simple experience driven by AI, Machine Learning, and customer data. While it resembles your run-of-the-mill chatbot, this feature goes well beyond the usual “how can I help you today” ubiquitously seen on the home pages of, well, pretty much everything these days.

First, let’s take a look at this short, 2-minute demo video. Then we’ll talk about the power of what’s going on behind the scenes.



What you just watched was:


  • AI and Machine Learning triggering the Conversational UI on a service our user was most likely to need based on prior product usage and activity information, plus their score on an automated Business Listings Report powered by Yext.


  • Upon engagement, the UI pinged our Business Knowledge Graph again for key data that the user would normally need to fill out, but we already had it. So we simply asked the customer if it was still correct.


  • We told the customer that the service was $25 per month, and it would be automatically added to their bill.


  • Upon receiving a “yes,” the Conversational UI prompted the platform to activate the subscription with our billing platform, provision the product through our partners at Yext, enabling SSO through the dashboard tile and immediately making the products available to the customer.


  • We then surfaced the new, upgraded and more precise and information as well as next steps on the Live Tile in real time.


Pretty smart, huh? It’s also effective. Our first implementation of Conversational UI resulted in an increase in activations of over 500%.

Imagine what it can do for your cross-sell and upsell environment. It can also just as easily be used for onboarding of products, important feature updates, product success messaging, smart notifications, and more.

The possibilities are endless… and awesome. Schedule a demo and we’ll show you how it’s one of many features built into the Digital Experience Platform.

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