We are Launching our Business Funding Marketplace

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Welcome to the Business Funding Marketplace. We’ve stripped away the complexities, the waiting, and the paper trail. Instead, we’re delivering a variety of funding options built specifically for small businesses. We’ll help match you to the right type of financing, with the right terms, that are right for your situation. Read our full Press Release here. For [...]

How to Find the Best Point of Sale System for Your Small Business

By | May 2nd, 2018|Categories: Accounting|

One of the most frequent questions we get from small business owners is this: How do I know I need a point of sale (POS) system? The answer we give is always a simple one. If you are are ready to or already are accepting credit and debit card payments, you need a POS. Tracking every [...]

The Best Small Business Accounting Software to Prep for Tax Season

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As a small business owner, you know that tax time is coming up. Maybe you are prepared and maybe you aren't. If you aren't, it's something that should not be overlooked for this year, going into next. A mistake on your taxes isn't going to land you in jail, unless of course your errors are purposeful [...]

Valuable Lessons in Accounting for Small Business Owners

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 You probably started your small business because you had a passion for delivering goods or services to customers, and for being your own boss. Along the way, you probably did a good bit of research and heeded warnings from others pursuing the American Dream that running a small business is no simple task. Between retaining customers, [...]

Are You Making These Small Business Accounting Mistakes?

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Unless you’re a CPA, chances are that having the opportunity to work with numbers and ledgers isn’t the reason you started your own small business. But, it’s vital you stay in the know about every aspect of the business, especially its finances. If you don’t have the capital to hire an accountant, you’re probably the one [...]