Human Resources

Could HR be Fully Automated?

As a small business owner, you are consistently looking for ways to streamline your workload. You have a business to run. Employee recruitment, hiring and retention are necessary tasks, but they take away from the time you could spend making money. Could automated human resources be the answer? The question was posed to an expert on the subject at USA Today. His answer, in essence, was as…
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Human Resources

3 Easy Ways to Keep Employees Happy

Employee retention is one of the most important elements of success for a small business. After all, if you have just a few employees, they are likely wearing quite a few different hats. They have perfected the balance of everything they have to handle, and have become…
Human Resources

The Enigma of Candidates with Criminal Records

A crucial part of any recruitment process is the background check. You’ve gone through the interview and found the perfect candidate, only to find out they were convicted of a crime. Now, you’ve got to start all over after sending that resume to the circular file. At…