A Guide To Building A Serverless Platform

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The following was written by our Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Clark for the Forbes Technology Council. It’s cold and deafening as I scan my hand and walk through aisle after aisle of humming and whirring machinery. I used to love sitting on the floor to physically plugin and troubleshoot some mission-critical issue. Now I'm turning it [...]

Want to Be a Good Leader? Avoid These Mistakes

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You have a fantastic idea. You know that you can turn that idea into a small business and turn a more than decent profit. Like many people today, you are considering turning towards the life of an entrepreneur and becoming your own boss.    Chances are that you can do it. After all, you've been the boss [...]

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Business Entity

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What to consider when choosing the right entity for your business You should choose your business structure based on your (and potential partner(s)) needs. Your business structure determines what it costs to start up,  how much your business will owe in taxes, and the personal liability you and potential business partners will take on. Familiarize yourself [...]

Lessons From The Dugout

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You’ve probably heard someone draw the comparison before, “Business is a lot like baseball.” In fact, it’s practically a cliché. I would venture a guess, however, that you’ve heard it from more from business professionals than you have from pro baseball players. I happen to have been both, and take it from me… business is, indeed, [...]

Lessons from the Dugout: Always Wait For the Right Pitch

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In the inaugural article in this series, I wrote about the importance of listening to management even when their ideas don’t line up with yours. Today, I’ll be sharing my perspective on the importance of timing – and why patience is a virtue on and off the field. Lesson 2: Always Wait for the Right Pitch [...]