2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar

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Over the last several years there has been a growing trend of Internet Holidays. The rise of social media has shined a light on some lesser-known holidays in addition to new ones that are added every year. Depending on your business and marketing strategy some of these new holidays can be used to highlight your company. [...]

3 Tips For Leveling Up Your Side Hustle

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Is your side hustle really on the side? Depending on your perspective, you might find it feels wrong to confine your secondary source of income to the periphery of your life.

Welcoming to the Ecosystem

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We’re always working to curate the best in class on our small business dashboard. Sometimes, we come across a company who is reinventing how small businesses operate – this is one of those cases. We’re excited to announce our partnership with, a revolutionary new way to help small businesses attract best-in-class talent, at a savings [...]

How to Grow Your Business Using Your Website

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You did the research and knew you needed to create a website for your small business. You used a drag and drop site builder and created an online presence that looks pretty good. If you are like many other small business owners, you may be poised to make the mistake of thinking that creating a website [...]

Can You Have a Business Without a Website?

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One question that many new small business owners consider is this: can I open up my doors without first establishing a presence on the Internet? In other words, if I don't have a website am I destined to fail? This bit of negative thinking can sometimes hold entrepreneurs from selling their products or offering their services [...]

What’s the Difference Between Organic and Paid Traffic, and Which Is More Important

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As a small business owner with a website, it's not enough to create it and sit back. You've got to make your website work for you. To do that, you've got to understand the difference between paid and organic traffic and what each means to your small business website.   Paid Versus Organic Paid traffic can [...]

5 Must-Have Pages for Every Small Business Website

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Whether you’re running a house cleaning business, an accounting practice or a even a fireworks stand, there are some pages that every small business website truly has to have. While some of it comes down to providing the info your customer needs, there are sometimes other reasons for these “gotta have ‘em” pages as well. Let’s [...]

Why Your Brand Story Could Be Holding You Back

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What's your story? We aren't asking you about your personal narrative, rather your business one. If you don't know what we're asking you, it's time you do a bit of research. Storytelling is big in business and it's what could put you over the edge when it comes to your competition. Take a moment to Google [...]

The Best Website Hosting Companies for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, you need a website. It really is that simple. The days are gone when you could just hand out business cards and flyers and hope to get the word out about your company and the services you offer. Chances are that you have heard of at least one web hosting service, [...]

Make Sure Your Brand Is Always Relevant with This Checklist

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One of the most difficult things in creating a successful business is branding. You want to be instantly recognized for a successful and meaningful service or product, and you want your business to be compelling enough to generate interest. In order to remain relevant, it's important to understand that relevancy is a fluid beast. What works [...]