Human Resources

Biggest Mistakes Made with HR Tools

Small business owners are adopting technology into their HR needs in droves. While some of these tools can help an owner operate their company more efficiently, they aren’t without their drawbacks. If you are making these four mistakes with your HR tools, you are hurting yourself and your company. Not Understanding the Challenges Like everything else in life, there is no…
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Human Resources

What Kind of Employees Does Your Business Need?

It’s not unusual for small business owners to act as their own CEO, human resource manager, IT professional, salesperson and customer service representative. While wearing all of the hats in the beginning may make sense, your business will eventually need employees to…

5 Tips for Creating Effective Passwords

Type “123456” into someone’s password bar and you just may get in. Why? Because plenty of people still use that password for a variety of websites. It’s easy to remember, after all. Thankfully, while you could get into someone’s account…