Valuable Lessons in Accounting for Small Business Owners

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 You probably started your small business because you had a passion for delivering goods or services to customers, and for being your own boss. Along the way, you probably did a good bit of research and heeded warnings from others pursuing the American Dream that running a small business is no simple task. Between retaining customers, [...]

Are You Making These Small Business Accounting Mistakes?

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Unless you’re a CPA, chances are that having the opportunity to work with numbers and ledgers isn’t the reason you started your own small business. But, it’s vital you stay in the know about every aspect of the business, especially its finances. If you don’t have the capital to hire an accountant, you’re probably the one [...]

3 Factors that Can Harm Budgeting

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Budgeting is usually a good idea as it might help you to keep a record of the way you use your money. A budget, which is done well, should be able to help you understand how your money is spent and should also help you make decisions about where and how to cut costs. However, before [...]