Shorten Your Hiring Process!

  • Post jobs
    • Post once to have your job listing sent to multiple job boards of your choosing.
  • Accept resumes
    • Keep all your applicants in a single system.
  • Sort and rate candidates
    • Our ranking algorithm helps you define the criteria important to you and quickly identifies the cream of the crop.

Hiring, made incredibly simple.

  • Simple Online Posting for All Your Positions
    • Syndicate your job listing to multiple free job board, as well as including Craigslist, Monster, LinkedIn and many others.
  • Source & Screen Top Candidates Fast
    • Create a custom application form that automates the applicant prescreening process and pinpoints the most qualified candidates for the position.
  • Background Checks – Integrated with Integrity
    • A bad hire can cost money, time, and staff morale. So before you hire, get confirmation that your candidates pass muster with our integrated background check solution.
  • Cut Hours from the Screening Process with Video Interviewing
    • Video screening is the new way to find the best candidates for a role – without making a single call. Take time and expense out of screening – and ensures consistent, unbiased results.

      Every candidate responds to the same questions – and they answer under the same conditions, as if they were on a screening call. No pausing, do-overs, or resets means you get their spontaneous response.

  • Categorize, Rate and Sort with Applicant Tagging
    • You know what matters most in any given search. Fast track reviews, rate and quickly identify the most qualified candidates with our keyword tagging system.
  • Import Resumes for Easy Sorting
    • Our Resume Importer saves you time by letting you drag and drop resumes for a single position from any source.
  • Close Candidates with Professional Offer Letters
    • Create a customizable template to highlight benefits and policies, and tweak for specific candidates.

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