Real-Time Teamwork. Big-Time Productivity.

Stay Connected: Stay in touch with your team 24/7 from your computer, mobile or tablet. Share inspiration, knowledge and feedback.

Shared Tasks, Calendars and Files: You don't need a fancy IT person to consolidate all of your team's tasks, calendar events and shared files.

Create Groups or Message Directly: No more flip-flopping between email and chat. Select a group, department or other custom team from the menu. Or, send an instant message directly to one of your teammates.

Audio and Video Conferencing: Team Up in real time with high-quality screensharing, audio and video conferencing available whenever you need it, right from your TeamUp screen.
  • Consolidate the Conversation
    • Break down the barriers of space and time by getting everyone on your team - or even key clients and vendors - all on the same page.

      Post, comment, discuss, and search with ease. Say goodbye to long email threads, phone tag, and lags in communication.

  • Say Goodbye to Silos
    • Everyone can be in on the conversation, so answers no longer stay hidden behind cubicle walls.

      You’ve got the flexibility to talk to the entire team, a custom group of team members, or one-to-one via direct message.

  • Dial Up Accountability
    • Quickly create and manage tasks and dues dates for everyone on your team (or delegate and allow others to create them).

      Tackle any questions or updates right in your TeamUp console via group or direct messages.