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It’s a Beautiful Thing.

One branded, customer-centric digital destination for all your products and services.


See the Dashboard Come to Life.

Discover the unparalleled customer experience features of the Dashboard.

Everything in its Time and Place.

Real-Time Data Powers the Dashboard Via Live Tiles

Every application has its own integrated, real-time space on the dashboard that surfaces actionable information at a glance.

Live Tiles

Live Tile Library

Choose from a variety of pre-made interfaces or customize your own.
Live Tiles Make Your Own
Put the Power of the Dashboard to work for your business.



Make it Your Own.

  • Co-branded or fully white-labeled
  • Select the products that best fit your users
  • Integrate your own products or those of your partners
  • Add products from the Marketplace for additional recurring revenue

Your Branded Or (Co-Branded) Digital Workspace

The dashboard elevates our platform and marketplace from a shopping experience to a product use and workspace experience.

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Bring it all Together.

Let’s Build Your Beautiful, Engaging, Personalized, Customized, Revenue-Generating Dashboard.