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Marketing Engine

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Marketing Creates Action. Action Informs Marketing.

Truly informed and fully automated engagement and lifecycle marketing, built-in from day one.


Fueled by Insights.

Supercharged by Actions.

The marketing engine takes its cues from product usage in the Dashboard, insights from the Business Knowledge Graph, and engagement data from website and marketing interactions.

Full Engine

Maintained by Relentless Optimization

The Marketing Engine has been built, expanded and optimized for over five years and returns above-industry-average engagement rates. We’re constantly under the hood, retooling and testing to see how we can squeeze maximum performance from every message.

Marketing engine optimization Gears

Let’s Get Conversational.

Meet our Industry-first Conversational UI Assistant.

It lives in the dashboard and is capable of multiple customer interactions designed to facilitate onboarding and deepen engagement.

Marketing engine dashboard with CUI

More than a Conversation

The Conversational UI actually completes back-end processes, provisions products, and walks users through successful product usage. It’s a UI with an AI.

Marketing engine CUI

Take it as a Complement.

The Marketing Engine can be a vital component of your marketing vehicle, regardless of what fuels it on your end.

While we offer turnkey lifecycle marketing automation for onboarding and nurturing platform users, as well as all of the products in our marketplace, we can selectively implement communications to complement, not replace, your already-established marketing campaigns on a per-application basis. Request a Demo and let’s discuss.

Marketing engine Over Shoulder

Revved Up Yet?

Our Marketing team will work directly with yours to develop a plan for maximizing the mileage you -and your customers - get from our Platform.

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