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Increase Member Benefits and Non-Dues Revenue.

Everyone wins.

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Member organizations face a unique set of challenges.

Whether you’re a trade group, vertical-specific association or other membership organization serving small businesses, we’ve created a unique set of opportunities to better serve your members and strengthen your organization.

Problem: Expand Non-Dues Revenue

Trade groups and industry organizations have had their margins squeezed over the years, and non-dues revenue isn’t just a nice-to-have: For many, it’s a matter of survival.

Solution: The Marketplace

Earn income while providing members savings on their preferred services. Our Marketplace is more flexible than others: You can turn on and off products as you see fit. You’re welcome to exclude any products that conflict with current products and services. And you can be sure that you’re partnering with the best in class, while enjoying recurring revenue share on all products and services, without having to negotiate contracts with different vendors.

Problem: Fragmented Service Offerings

You’ve worked hard to bring negotiated ancillary services to your member base. But the customer experience is fragmented, and all of the links and websites become confusing or, worse, overwhelming. And just like that, all your hard work has gone unused and unappreciated.

Solution: The Dashboard

Bring all your offerings – partnered and internal – into one real-time business dashboard where your members can access critical business data, billing statuses, and available services at a glance. How’s that for bringing added value?

Problem: Getting the word out

Does this sound familiar? You’ve just added an exciting new offering for your member base. But you struggle to keep up with all of the marketing pages and emails necessary to drive the message home. What seemed like a great idea, something your members were clamoring for, ends in frustration and disappointment.

Solution: The Marketing Engine

We give you all the Marketing materials you need, and can even send the emails on your behalf. Every Marketplace product comes with plug-and-play, cross channel marketing campaigns that have been optimized over 5+ years. Campaigns include cross-sell, onboarding, customer success nurture, lapsed user and more. You collect the recurring payments, we take care of the marketing.

Sound like a winning proposition?